Sara Elise
Owner + Creative director

Sara Elise is an entrepreneur and wellness advocate residing in Brooklyn, NY. As a transplant to one of New York City’s major food deserts, Sara was inspired to help transform her community’s relationship to affordable, locally sourced foods.

While working in Private Wealth Management after business school, Sara started to explore food as a tool for self-care and healing. Through this exploration, Sara began hosting “Seasonal Tasting Events,” an invitation for community members to experience an authentically rustic, slow, and organic relationship to the crops harvested for the empowerment and reclamation of self, and community. Continuing with the mission of using all natural, organic, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients- Sara would grow to found Bed Stuy Kitchen in 2012- reborn as Harvest & Revel in 2016.

Not only an advocate for food justice, Sara is also committed to the personal development of urban professionals- offering sliding scale wellness + manifestation coaching services to her personal clients.

Partnering with Tara Aura in the Summer of 2017, Sara Elise co-founded Blind Seed- an event-based organization hosting day & weekend-long retreats focused on combining delicious food, wellness coaching, and aspects meditative movement- with the overarching belief that people are able to grow to their fullest potential only once all aspects of their life are aligned positively.

With her background in both financial services and personal nutrition & wellness, Sara and her team at Harvest & Revel are helping their clients, and community, elevate to their fullest selves- one nutritious meal, and conversation, at a time.

lead Co-Chef

Anya has a passion for creating memorable experiences and breaking bread with others,  in reverence to the Earth. As a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she now looks to her family for guidance and wisdom in the kitchen- through cooking, storytelling, and feasting. Deeply rooted in tradition yet committed to a more sustainable future, Anya has started along with Harvest & Revel, KIT an KIN, a pop-up project celebrating her Caribbean heritage.

Anya, Savannah + Ben collaborate together to lead Harvest & Revel's team of cooks at the commercial kitchen space.

lead Co-Chef

Savannah comes from a large California family in which growing, cooking, and eating delicious food was front & center. She now lives and cooks in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn specializing in sourdough breads and menus that respect the body and the earth. Her food is ingredient-driven and aims to bring people together in a nourishing and fulfilling way.

Savannah, Anya + Ben collaborate together to lead Harvest & Revel's team of cooks at the commercial kitchen space.

lead Co-Chef

Ben grew up between New York City and the California Wine Country and developed an early love for great food and great celebration. Since then, he’s worked, cooked, butchered, baked and fermented in both Napa & Sonoma Valleys, San Francisco, Seattle, and in New York City in restaurants, on farms, and at his own Supper Club in a shared home in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. 

Ben, Savannah + Anya collaborate together to lead Harvest & Revel's team of cooks at the commercial kitchen space.

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